About this web site...

This is a non-commercial website in Greek which specialises on Counselling for HIV infection and disease.

Given the sheer absence of other pertinent websites in Greek, it represents an unprecedented piece of work. It is based on my dissertation paper for the Faculty of Counselling in the University School of Pedagogic and Technological Education in Athens. The website reviews the most recent epidemiological data as well as information on the nature and history of HIV, sustained by a list of credible sources. It also looks at the socioeconomic, legal, ethical aspects of HIV infection and disease, as well as its impact on interpersonal relationships and the communities.

Above all, it provides a thorough analysis on the methodology of HIV Counselling, including extensive reference to Prevention Counselling and Counselling before and after HIV testing. In presenting all scientific material, the website employs an approach of academic standards, while the body of information contained is accompanied by statistical data about HIV infection and disease in Greece and abroad.

For any further information or for link exchange contact us: info@hiv-aids.gr

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